Dennis Irwin.

Bassist of the highest calibre. Clarinetist of equal skill. Comedian likewise. Memory more absorbent than that Sponge Guy’s ultrasquare pants. He could make people smile with music and cry with laughter. Not many know he used to sing James Brown and Otis Redding under the pseudonym Hoot Gibson. Or that his unrealized recording project included Brazilian chorinho and maracatu. Deep, Dad, deep, this guy Irwin. Vet of more than 500 recordings. And more than a gillion miles flown getting from gig to gig: Japan to NY and back to Japan in three days. Dedication or insanity?

Dennis Irwin was one of the most beloved players on the jazz scene today, a world which would be a totally different place without the spirit and locomotive drive he provided for thousands of rhythm sections.

But Dennis hit a bump, cancer, and the flow of energy, time and talent that rallied around him is nothing short of phenomenal. Some of the biggest names in jazz have come to his aid, but more importantly, so have hundreds, no, thousands of anonymous fans around the world who have pitched in to help. You too can join in the chorus to shout your support for this amazing musician, friend, human being. Click on the “Helping Dennis” button above to see what you can do.

Dennis’s hipster guru Lord Buckley said it like this:

“It is hipper for us to be signifyin' to the glorious gig that we can't miss with all these bulgin' eyes, that from all these A-stamp studs we double our love kick, too...”  Sage advice indeed.

The Steel-Tailed

King of the Bad Cats